Jamie Chai Yun Liew (pronounced lee-you) (she/her) is a lawyer, law professor, podcaster and writer.

My debut novel, DANDELION, will be coming out Spring 2022 with Arsenal Pulp Press.

This beautiful cover art is by my sister, Ophelia Liew.

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DANDELION - Pre-order!

Thrilled to share my debut novel DANDELION is coming April 2022 via Arsenal Pulp Press. You can pre-order the book here. Check out the...

Know your rights in Ontario

Work-in-progress list of resources and contact info for legal services re: police interactions and stay at home order:...

A lot of minor feelings lately

The last few weeks have been at best, busy, at its worst, emotional and challenging. Following the killings in Atlanta, I found myself...


My heart aches this morning. If you think that critical #race theory and critical #feminist theory are not relevant, think again. The...


I am a lawyer, law professor (@UOttawa) specializing in immigration, refugee and citizenship law. I am also an emerging writer. My debut...


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Migration Conversations Podcast

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Migration Conversations is a podcast that invites persons to share their migration stories. Hosted by Professor Jamie Liew, each episode is an in-depth conversation with people who have experienced the Canadian immigration system or other migration regimes up close. We talk to migrants, immigrants, lawyers, policy makers, advocates and experts. We hope that these conversations shed light on the challenges migrants face through their own voices.