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My heart aches this morning. If you think that critical #race theory and critical #feminist theory are not relevant, think again. The perceived race, work, #immigration status and gender of those killed are important to recognize.

Yes words matter, but it is decades of exclusion legitimized in #law, #colonial vestiges allowing a white dominated settler society to thrive justifying differential treatment of racialized #migrants, how model minorities used to hide systemic racism against Indigenous & Black persons.

If you think this is confined to the US, think again. One need only look at our farms, health care facilities, places of worship, borders and most importantly prisons to see how racialized people suffer because of their perceived immigration status, religion, race, gender, work. It is how some people are deemed illegal by their immigration status & the work they do: #sexwork. Support these organizations if you are heartbroken too.

1. SWAN Vancouver 2. Butterfly in Toronto 3. Red Canary Song #StopAsianHate

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